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TRACY WHITESIDE. Honorable Mention.

"Although a photographer for over 17 years, I waited until late in life to publicly share my passion for surrealism and the darker side of art. Even as a little girl, I loved all things that go bump in the night. It's possible that I have seen every scary movie ever made, but I have a strong preference for psychological horror as opposed to violence. A few of my favorites are Rosemary's Baby, The Haunting, and The Blair Witch Project. However, The Exorcist is the film that left indelible marks in my mind.

My passion is creating eerie, dream-like images that usually lay on the shadowy side of the imagination. Photoshop allows me to create an illusion atop the reality that I photograph. Using texture and occasionally vignettes over the images reinforce a sense of the dream state. I want my art to encourage people to take a break from reality and explore subjects that are not discussed every day because the images are intended to awaken the imagination of the observer.

Currently, I am exploring what makes us human. Not our biology but our mind. The most fundamental part of our consciousness. I am primarily interested in what we choose to hide from the world and how we do it. I am focused on women: our experiences, emotions, hopes, fears, and anxieties that make us who we are. Our spiritual beings and our souls. It’s an exceptional journey.

We all need to escape now and then. Walk in the shadows with me"


Manipulated Photography, 18x12in


Manipulated Photography, 12x18in


Manipulated Photography, 12x18in




Tracy Whiteside is a Chicago-area photographer specializing in Conceptual Art.

A photographer for over 17 years, she is self-taught and is always developing new techniques. Her work has been seen in over 35 exhibitions and 90 publications in the last 2 years, including many magazine and book covers.

With her current work, Tracy wants to awaken your imagination with images of real women and the many aspects of their personalities that make them who they are. She uses Photoshop to achieve her visions. Inspiration is everywhere so she is always busy creating.

You can enjoy her images on Instagram @whitesidetracyfashion and @whitesidetracy

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