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4th "solo ExhibitioN"




The Albe Art Gallery is pleased to announce

the winning artists of the gallery’s recent

4th "SOLO EXHIBITION" Online Art Competition



Online Art Competition

The "SOLO EXHIBITION" Online Art Competition took place within an extremely competitive atmosphere, the task of selecting only five artists was extremely challenging.  The high quality of submissions made creating the final rankings extraordinarily difficult. 

The competitive process considered not only the quality and depth of the artist’s work but also the overall entry presentation, including the artist’s biography and artist’s statement.  The following are the 5 winning Artists and the schedule of their SOLO ART EXHIBITIONS:

MAGDALENA MOREY                    Mar,01 - Mar,30 2022

ARINA APOSTOLOVA                    Apr,01 - Apr,30 2022      


FRANCISCA LOUW                     May, 01 - May,30 2022

GRISHA NOVIKOV                         Jun,01 - Jun,30 2022

MARI MASOURIDOU                     Jul,01 - Jul,30 2022


Thank you for everyone’s participation and interest in Albe Art Gallery 4th "SOLO EXHIBITION" Online Art Competition!

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