Current Solo Exhibition

In the Moment

by Lesya Karebina, RUSSIA

Lesya Karebina is a visual artist, currently living in Voronezh, Russia. She explores ideas of relationship between the person and world around him through her artworks which are predominantly created as abstract paintings.


Karebina is expanding the boundaries of perception, strengthening and exposing connections with the world of her own emotions through the prism of broad color strokes and glazes.

Color is the main driving force behind Karebina's creativity. Bright, rich, life-affirming color palette is used predominantly.
This approach reflects Karebina’s philosophy in her life -  «To extract the maximum joy from every day and to accept the negative as an indisputable fact of being, reflecting, but not getting hung up».

For Karebina, the artistic process is akin of meditation, which is the more important than the finished concept.