Current Solo Exhibition

Punto de Partida

by Moises Ramos, USA

Moises is a Puerto Rican artist whose artwork has been presented in several galleries and collective art shows in the USA and abroad. Ramos has also received various awards for his mixed media, engravings, and B&W photography throughout his career. He was the recipient of the Memphis Wood Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009 and the Cultural Council of Jacksonville Art Educator of the Year Award in 2010. Today he works as an artist and educator residing in Florida.

"I created the series because of the negative way immigrants are portrayed in the media. The work is based on portraits of people who came to the USA at the turn of the century. The goal is to spark the conversation about diversity, acceptance, understanding, and to see that immigration brings fresh ideas and unique challenges that will enrich our society. I believe that educating future and past generations to accept our differences and fight for equality help use connect with each other.  "