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Contrary to the stereotype of the misanthropic creator alone in their room, across time, artists have reflected back to the world their capacity for hope, to create out of the darkness, or perhaps through it. Much of the Renaissance happened during The Black Death, a period in which the population of Europe suffered tremendously in the grips of the Bubonic Plague. Still, so many great artists created, during that time, work that not only reflective of the world around them, but also work that was full of hope. Work that showed the consumer not only the world as it was, but the world as they longed for it to be.


Founded in June of 2020, Albe Art Gallery has seized upon the current pandemic moment to prove that, in spite of illness, restrictions, and distance, there is still an opportunity for artists from all over the world to connect in a space of exhibition. Albe Art Gallery is an international, online gallery, whose collection can be accessed by collectors, buyers, and consumers from anywhere, which is a huge advantage during a time where travel and movement have been restricted.