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REBECCA LAMONA. Honorable Mention.

I consider my project a constantly updated path, but above all I consider it a diary, it can also be defined as "pieces of memory".

I work with photography and painting, combining them and creating a new element. I want my works to be light, not perfect, but to represent what passes for a while in our being. I work first with analogue photography, (because I think that the moment should literally be captured and not selected in our online gallery), and then I use a variety of techniques to apply and then partially remove materials from the photograph, such as painting.The goal is a result of endless taking away and adding, with this work I wanted to leave traces, identifiable, trapping memory and turning into material.


material and technique: Mixed media on slide


Every place has its own history, every space, with its architecture, brings to mind personal memories, past lives that once lived there. Memories, with their evocative power, are an undeniable testimony of these existences that were once the present, in their own dramas, their own complexities and their own illusions. They are unrepeatable instants of time, which drive us to keep them in our intimate and protected domesticity.These fragments are not eternal, their duration is nevertheless marked by time.




Rebecca Lamona (Sant'Omero, 1995). She graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata. She lives and works in Berlin.

Her artistic production focuses on the theme of Memory, both collective and personal, through research into images ranging from photography to painting.

She has participated in several collective exhibitions and projects, including: "Biennale Sino-Italiana Arte Giovane" (Rome/China 2021); "Paesaggi Inimmaginabili, Cartoline dal nostro pianeta" (Milan, 2020); "Ortstemin 20, Festival" (Berlin, 2020), "Tiny BIennale" (Rome, 2020).

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