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About the Artists


"SPEECHLESS" Group Exhibition Artists


Adam Starr, USA

Indianapolis based photographer and painter, Adam Starr, has been creating abstract works for the past several years. He first started producing artwork after attending a photography class while studying at Indiana University.

Adam feels spiritually called to create art. His practice is cathartic for him. The stream of consciousness method he utilizes helps him fully express and release his emotions.

His work has been shown at Gallery 924 in Indianapolis, IN and R Gallery in Boulder, CO among others. He’s proud to be a finalist in the Passepartout Photo Prize in Rome 2020. In addition, he was honored to show his work at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, IL (March-May 2020) and is looking forward to showing work at Siilk Gallery in Athens, Greece (Summer 2021).

Aigerim Bektayeva

Aigerim Bektayeva, KAZAKHSTAN

 Aigerim Bektayeva is a daughter of the Kazakh steppes, a mother of four children, a modern woman, steps confidently into the future, welcoming the new, but not forgetting about the origins. She draws strength and inspiration in love for her people, her native land. 

She was born in Kazakhstan (Shymkent city) on January 27, 1986. Mother is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences; father is a historian by education - an entrepreneur. Aigerim grew up in love of the family, which gave her a great safety margin where the action is. 

Grandfather, a man with a dramatic destiny, had a tremendous influence on the formation of her character. In 1939, Akhmet Bektayev was drafted into the Soviet Army, and in 1941 - the war with Nazi Germany and the concentration camp. There he managed to save 97 people by organizing an escape. After the Victory in his homeland, a concentration camp awaited him again. After Stalin's death he was released and rehabilitated. 

A. Bektayev was patient in adversity, and retained his cordiality and love for people. She inherited kindness and love in her heart, perseverance in achieving aims and vitality from him. 

The girl has loved to draw since childhood, and her mother sent her to an art school. Here the path to the profession of an artist began. 

Today Bektayeva A.E. is a Bachelor of Economics (Academy of Humanities, RF, Kazakhstan), student of the Faculty of Painting at ASU. She passed painting courses: France, 2018 (ATELIER ALUPI); Italy, 2018 (Aсademia D'ARTE-FIRENZE); Russia ("ART Factory"). She studied individually with N. Samiyeva and A. Akanayev (Full member of the International Association of Critics and Art Critics at UNESCO), Andrea Baccalini - an expert at Accademia d'Arte Firenze. 

Bektayeva A.E is a Doctor of Fine Arts, founder of the school “ZERE arts”, member of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of international competitions. She actively uses ART THERAPY. She passed many seminars, for example, "Cognitive-behavioral therapy", mastered the "PSYCH-K" method. 

This year she was awarded two international awards in the field of education, culture and art: "ORDER of MERIT for EDUCATION, CULTURE and ARTS" and "ORDER of MERIT for SCIENCE, CULTURE and ARTS". (International Academy of Sciences, Culture and Art. Paris, France) 

Akgün Tokatli , Turkey

 Akgün Tokatli was born in 1979 and lives in Istanbul. He studied Industrial Design at Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture and developed doctoral thesis at the same department. He started his career as research associate in YTÜ art & Design Faculty photography and video department.


Throughout his design career he has managed and produced lots of interaction and experience design projects for leading companies from various sectors in Turkey. He is currently working as the head at Visual Comunication Design of Medipol Univesity Art & Design Faculty. He is Assistant Professor at the same department and gives lectures on interaction, service and experience design.