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PHOTOGRAPHY trends 2020.

Trends in photography are changing so fast, that you need to be constantly in the loop of people’s interest and demands in order to adapt your art to them.

Here are some of the current trends in photography:

1. NOSTALGIA. The visual images of 60s-90s, the eclectic combination of modernity and the past create a unique atmosphere in the frame.

2. “HEADLESS” CROPS. It gives the chance to show not a specific person, but suit many people.

3. VERTICAL FRAME. It comes with the advent of smartphones and such phenomenon as mobilography.

4. ECOLOGY. The role of mature in our life is reconsidered and reassessed. This year’s motto - reduce, reuse, recycle.

5. NEW TAKES ON STEREOTYPICAL THEMES. Just try to present concepts in a new light. Changes in design or activities will show photo in different way, and this is the result of “fresh” trends.

6.ALL AGES WELCOME. In fact, shooters understand that the perception of aging, which was typical several decades ago, is significantly different from how things are going on now.

7. ATYPICAL BEAUTY. This is one of those trends in photography industry that has appeared several years ago and doesn’t lose its influence even nowadays.

8. SYMBOLISM. One of interesting photography trends in 2020 is the so-colleges ZINE CULTURE, which came to us from pre-digital era. These are unusual collages of photography, drawings and graphics.

9. MINIMALISM. “Good speech is a short speech” and this principle is applicable to photography. Laconism and minimalism have been photo trends for many years.

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