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How to photograph your art for gallery?

Even the best piece of art can look terrible if its not as sharp and representative of the actual piece. The following tips are provide to help artist to get the best results when photographing the artwork in any setting.

Choose location. If you have a large window in your space it definitely will help. Light should be soft and bright.

Set sensitivity in your camera ISO 100-200 get best image quality.

Use tripod. Be sure your images are sharp and good exposed. If you don't have tripod use the flat surface. Be sure that your camera doesn't move. Use timer.

Position your artwork parallel the the lense of the camera. If your artwork is a sculpture use simple background. Be sure to leave small amount around the edges to maximise the resolution.

Be sure that flash light us turned off.

Check white balance (WB). Adjust the white balance in your camera with the white balance you see.

Make sure that yoo turn off the light in the room.

Take several shots.

Download pictures to computer. Choose the best and crop the edges. Boost contrast. Save to maximum quality.


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