About the Artists


"NEW ERA" Group Exhibition Artists


Ana Rocha, Brazil

Philosophy and Art are universes that have many elements in common. Both reflect the reality in relation to the human being. Through a metaphorical language, they also cover the spiritual world, the relationships among individuals and their interaction with the environment. The brazilian artist Ana Rocha, navigates between these two worlds.

Ana was born in Brasília and started her artistic career in São Paulo, where she lives for over 20 years. Her imminent graduation in Philosophy completes an artistic vein in wich she uses Geometric Abstraction to express her concepts and thoughts. The origin of this language is inspired by an affective memory. Her mother was a university professor of Geometric Design and Descriptive Geometry and her students´ works enchanted the young Ana. Other striking elements in Ana Rocha´s work are the courage, the boldness to seek an increasingly deep process of self-knowlegde and the coherence to say "no" to standards, to ready formulas.


In Ana´s own words, she, who never fit in the "boxes", found herself in Philosophy and Art, spheres that showed her the meaning of life. Her artworks begin to gain space on the web and at exhibitions that reveal an elaborate, intriguing and engaging artistic work to the world. Where we realize that ascending and descending lines portray our own trajectory, with its ups and downs. the succession of tones, like the seasons, defines the rhythm, the cadence, making the observer identify with shapes that tell his own story, his life. An identification that is the main reason of this very philosophical art.

Anastasia Kolosnitsyna,Russia

Anastasia Kolosnitsyna was born in Krasnodar, Russia. In 2017, she graduated from the Art and Graphic Faculty of the Kuban State University, specializing in Web design. In 2017, Kolosnitsyna created her own art studio, where she teaches drawing, watercolor and oil painting.

Anastasia Kolosnitsyna has only recently entered this artistic world, which is open to innovations and does not reject traditions. The craft acquired during her studies was the start that allowed her to freely handle materials, to work in different genres.

The young artist found freedom from academism, realized that it is not necessary to hide their fantasies. She took the path that allowed her to enter into a dialogue with the entire world's artistic heritage. And along the way, Kolosnitsyna found herself. Her interest in self-portrait, which allows combining the subjective and the objective is not accidental. A distinctive feature of her self-portraits is the lack of idealization, the desire to convey not what she sees, but what she thinks (in the words of Pablo Picasso). 

Even in the actual realistic works made in the technique of oil painting, she is not interested in air and perspective, but in the desire to reveal the decorative qualities of the portrayed objects, colors, to understand the soul of things, and not their visible flesh. 

Anastasia Kolosnitsyna has already passed the path from the postmodern era to metamodernism, which accumulates modern multicultural aesthetics. The artist travels a lot, goes to plein air in Ukraine, Crimea, the Czech Republic, Germany, Abkhazia, and Armenia. She lives in a colorful world that is open to any cultural ties. It has the energy of youth, which seems that everything is possible. He enjoys playing with styles, techniques, and directions. He searches and finds himself and the universe in himself.

Anja Bamberg, Germany

  • Artist, Art Therapist (Magister and Master)

  • Born 1978 in Stralsund (in the north of Germany)

  • Based near Munich

  • Studies and artistic work in Berlin, Greifswald, Amiens, Munich and Dubai.  


Anja Bamberg goal is to show the dynamics of the ever-growing city Dubai with its skyscrapers, imposing buildings and construction sites in contrast to the tranquility of the desert and the Arabian Sea.

These are places, where the time stands still and also places that envelop this “never sleeping”, alive City. Bamberg like to catch the mood and the speed. She try to enter into the contrast between the Old and the New. Anja Bamberg says:"I know some places only through the photographs, which give me a feeling that I like to implement picturesquely. Others I visited myself and depict the atmosphere from my point of view. The material I use is usually a mix of oil and acrylic colors on canvas or paper, advanced with oil crayon and pens."

     Exhibitions attendance

  • Germany - Stralsund, München, Ebersberg, Augsburg, Gersthofen, Münster

  • South Korea - Seoul

  • United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Bingqin Zhang,  China

Bingqin (Zaccheo) Zhang is an artist from China.


After completing her MFA degree in SCAD, she will go to New York to pursue her second master degree in photography in SVA.


Her works focus on the emotional connection with the external world and individuals, and use time, light and natural substances to perfect her expression. At the same time, in her recent research, she has devoted herself to transforming the process and materials into the subject of art and introducing materials into her creation as a second creator.

Bora Güney , Turkey

Bora Güney’s work consists of abstractions of people and humanity.


The intense repetition, light and dark themes are common in the artist’s productions in collage, assemblage, photography and music fields.


Bora Güney (1992, Istanbul) graduated from Yeditepe University in 2017, works and lives in Istanbul.

Christopher MacNeil , USA

Christopher MacNeil was born and raised in the Boston area. After attending Boston University, he joined the United States Peace Corps and served for 3 years in the southwestern region of Ethiopia. After completing 2 years in the rural village Limu Genet, Christopher joined the staff of Jimma University and worked on institutional development initiatives including the foundation of college departments including law, governance, and the arts.


He maintains connections with some of the regions leading intellectual thought leaders and returns to Ethiopia periodically to work on a variety of projects. Aside from visual arts, he is passionate about embodied practices including strength and conditioning as well as yoga. After his Peace Corps service, he completed an intensive diploma program in exercise science at the American Academy of Personal Training. He then obtained his Master's degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA, during which time he served his local community as a Coverdell Fellow and did personal training programs for youth, persons with disabilities and the elderly. 

He is a Fellow with the African Center for Science and International Security (AFRICSIS), the continent's leading think tank dedicated to the nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear security. He also operates a consulting service, CMC.International. 

Christopher works in digital mixed media, and his novel methodology of "Reverse Painting" has its roots in watercolor and mixed media practices learned in his teenage years. He adheres to a Practice of Limitation and is interested in exploring new ways of enhancing his artistic practice in pursuit of life long artistic expression.

Daniel Wille , Austria

Daniel Wille was born  in Samara, Russian Federation in 1987.

Studied interior design and architecture at Russian State University, joined the global art League 2014. Was exhibiting works in Russia, USA, Israel. In 2015 Relocated to Israel, joined the community of artists there.  In 2018 married and relocated to Austria where recently living.


Since childhood, Wille was surrounded by a bunch of books about history of Italian art and architecture, and also most often visited this country with parents who were dealing with fashion boutiques. Grandmother was teacher of piano and singing , given private lessons. So house  was fulfilled with atmosphere which motivated him  to start creating from age of 3.

Daniel participated in numerous of exhibitions in USA, Israel and Italy.

Daria Prozorova , Russia

Daria Prozorova - professional painter, winner of Russian and international competitions, winner of the International Art Week (2014, 2015), participant of exhibitions in Russia, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, USA. Member of the Union of Writers of St. Petersburg (since 2004), the Union of Artists of Russia (since 2017). Art consultant of Loki Gallery, Saint Petersburg.


Was born in the Leningrad Region, in the settlement of Siversky, in 1987 and studied art from childhood. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Artworks by Daria Prozorova are in private collections in Russia, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Italy, China, USA, Israel. From 2011 to 2020, it took place 50 collectives and 6 personal exhibitions of the artist’s works.


Elise Mendelle , UK

Elise Mendelle aims at visually describing a thought, feeling or emotion so the viewer can explore and anticipate what comes next. Her paintings are focused on capturing a moment of time; it could be a portrait, a figure or a landscape, but it is always a snapshot - blink and it could be missed.

Elise is inspired by the simplicity of everyday moments and how they link to a deeper understanding of what is going on beneath the surface.


Elise has benefited from weekly tuition and mentoring at Insight School of Art, furthering her practice and developing her own unique style. Interest in her work has grown; to date, she has been part of shows in Rome, London, Madrid and New York, with her paintings included in collections internationally.


University of Western Ontario - Bachelor of Arts 
York University - Honours Bachelor of Arts 


Eva Angelaka , Germany

Eva Angelaka (b.1981 in Athens, Greece) lives and works in Athens and Munich. 

She holds a Diploma in Japanese culture from International Budo University in Japan and a MSc in Asian Studies from Lund University, Sweden. Currently studying at the Athens School of Fine Arts, her past studies and living experience in Sweden and Japan inform her artistic practice.


Eva creates fairytale narratives, imaginary spaces and creatures against the everyday normality. Her work involves processes of rebirth and destruction as her own spiritual practice through painting. Processes of destruction and rebirth exist in almost every religion, narrative, fairytale and myth. She aims to present the idea of sensitivity and compassion, contrary to a systematized, digitalised and automated society. This is approached by reflecting on childhood and exploring otherworldly, larger than life experiences while the concept of wabi-sabi  - the transience and imperfection of things, which also includes some kind of wreckage - runs through all the artworks. 

She has participated in numerous exhibitions, in Greece and abroad. 



Hyunsun Yoo, Austria

Hyunsun yoo was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1981. She completed a bachelor of visual art, Painting as a major and Art history as a minor at Duksung Woman University in Seoul. After that started to study Fine art/painting at Applied art University in Vienna, Austria from 2013 with Professor Emma Rendl denk. 

Now she lives and works in Vienna and has exhibited in various countries/ Korea, Austria and many European countries. Her First solo exhibition ‘move your body’ at Songeun gallery(2005)/Seoul is the first start to show a work about Human and Humanity. So far she works many paintings and drawings with a same topic. Also she has many works with silk screen printmaking and recent works are overlapping different translucent colors and size of circles to express the distance of relationship. 


Jakub Pasierkiewicz, Austria

Jakub Pasierkiewicz was born in 1980 in Poland and I graduated from the University of Silesia with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2005. 

Since he moved to England in 2006, Pasierkiewicz have exhibited his works mainly in Europe, India, US and Canada which include: Foto Festival Schiedam (Netherlands), The Lenzburg Photo Festival (Swiss), Head On Photo Festival (Australia), Kolga Tbilisi Photo (Georgia), The ING Discerning Eye (UK), PABA International Photo Competition (Pakistan), NOA17 (UK), D&AD Festival (UK), Hiii Photography (China), The Indian Photography Festival IPF (India), Berlin Foto Biennale (Germany), MIFA Photography Awards (Russia).