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About the Artists


"THE WAY" Group Exhibition Artists



Agnes Sheikh is French, but it is too restrictive in her eyes, she considers herself as a citizen of the world.  She was born and raised in Africa for 15 years,  lived 13 years in Pakistan-Karachi where she had her 3 children, and currently she is living in Dubai since 2004. She had the chance to approach different cultures, religions, people, arts, traditions…And she is a part of all these fabulous “rencontres”…

She works as an art teacher for middle and high school in a French school.  Before the pandemic, she used to enjoy “fluid art”, its “unexpected” component, and abstract work. But lockdowns and anxiety led her to figurative art, allowing her to “control” something through her paintings. A big relief!



Acquaetta Williams’s art has been a life journey from glassblower to sculpture and now painter. Her inspiration evolved from vision of African Images to tell the story of African American Women in a sense of relevance in a complexity of her feelings, thoughts and memories. Williams reflects on her past to form an identity.


She tells a story in assemblages of materials contained in Giraffe Neck Women, Women Who Carry and then into Timekeepers and Deconstructing Time: Memories. and now Faceless Melodies. Her love for art was cemented under instructor and well known artist Harvey Littleton at the University of Wisconsin. were she received a MFA degree. An Arts International Travel Grant that was awarded to her included travels through Benin in West Africa. She has exhibited her art Nationally, in Uncommon Beauty in Common Objects: The Legacy of African American Craft Art which included a tour throughout the United States, visiting 5 major museum, as well as International: the International Glass Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan and “Color 2018”, Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi, Korea. Her work as glassblower has been acknowledged in the permanent collections of Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY, the Museum of Arts and Design in NY and the National Afro-American Museum and Cultural Center, Wilberforce, Ohio.


Anastasiya  Krokhmal (born in 1997) - contemporary artist. Lives and works in Moscow. The artist's paintings are aimed at studying people and their psycho-emotional state.

"I paint expressive oil paintings in the figurative genre. The main theme of my paintings is feelings and conditions of people, including conditions related to the spectrum of mental disorders. My artistic practice is based on self-reflection, emotional intelligence and personal life experience with anxiety-depressive disorder. The characteristic features of my paintings are pronounced contrast, drips of paint, raw paper margins or pieces of canvas. With these techniques, I strive to share my energy with the viewer. Art for me is not only the result of my experience and reactions to everything that happens, but also the opportunity to combat the stigmatization of mental deviations."



Broly Su is an Atlanta-based illustrator and graphic designer, who is currently pursuing an MFA degree in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA. Broly creates most of his work digitally, taking inspiration from the knowledge and beliefs like positivity, integrity, perseverance, and justice that he has absorbed from hip-hop music, graffiti, and street culture throughout the years.


Heavily influenced by artists like Keith Haring, Steven Harrington, and Verdy, Broly also works with traditional techniques, such as acrylic, Posca markers, and ballpoint pens, to achieve his bold-lined and graffiti-like style. Additionally, Broly expands his work and applies it in graphic design so his work could be practical in real life.



Fabio Giorgianni is a self-taught painter. He was born on the slopes of Etna, in Catania and, despite having never attended painting courses or attended academies, he felt the passion for graphic-pictorial art grow in him from a very young age.


He moved to Turin at the end of the 1980s to follow his university studies at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic and, during these years, he experimented with different styles and various pictorial-graphic techniques that led him to mature his personal style in which he blends his root with contemporary art. The passion for the East and for Japan in particular, the practice of martial arts, yoga, meditation and spiritual research, influence many of his works, where the continuous search for new suggestions leads him to a phase of study in where the realism of representation coexists with graphic and formal abstraction.


Fabio Giorgianni's works live and change thanks to the continuous suggestions that the surrounding natural environment evokes to the artist. The subjects of his works range from hyper-realistic portraits to volcanic landscapes, from the Sicilian hinterland with its sunny wheat fields to Mediterranean gardens and urban landscapes, creating an ever-changing emotion in the observer, leading him to get lost in those worlds. that in realism find a magical and spiritual dimension.