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Coming Solo Exhibitions


by Magdalena Morey

March,01 - March,30 2022

'Take a risk and explore the less trodden paths.


Any journey of self-discovery and the realisation of dreams starts with oneself. To break free of habits and patterns of behaviour always involves exploring beyond our comfort zones, experiencing unfamiliar scents, sights and flavours, hopefully whilst also delighting in the detail. 


I find myself settling into the landscape to which I now belong, many languages and journeys from where I was raised. Iridescent shards of reflection and enlightenment glint through the fractured and re-invented organic prism of daily life; whilst my passion for exploration and discovery has come at the price of an unquenchable nostalgia for simpler days, it has also brought me to unimaginably beautiful places and introduced me to ways of thinking and being that were once just the territory of dreams'.

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