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Absurdist Dreams


15th May- 14th June 2021

Hannah Thomas is an abstract painter, based in Wiltshire, UK.


She studied art at University of West of England, specialising in photography. She moved to London shortly after and worked for over a decade as a music photographer shooting for publications and festivals. Having reached a transitional period in her life she realised she needed greater artistic autonomy and a medium in which she could be truly experimental, she started painting in late 2017. She had a solo exhibition in London, has received Honourable Mention in Painting in the LICC Awards and has recently been selected for several group exhibitions, that due to the pandemic have had to be virtual experiences, the most recent of which was ‘Disrupting the Stillness’, an exhibition hosted by Visionary Projects in partnership with Lohme Gallery in Sweden. Her work was also selected for an art book collecting together the best work created during the pandemic, published by Ludvig Rage.

Hannah said: "As an artist I want my work to have an impact and to communicate an emotional atmosphere, but I am not attempting to send a clear message to the viewer. The whole basis of my work is a study of life’s refusal to be simply defined or simply lived, hoping to emotionally transmit a mood and a sense of a vivid world that remains unexplained and open to interpretation. Mine is a tactile process of applying and then partially removing materials from the canvas; the aim is a multi layered and textural result, with half seen elements and hints of movement. I am pursuing an undercurrent of darkness, creating a sense of complexity and ambiguity within the boundaries of the painting; pockets of resistance that serve to obfuscate and remain unresolved. I use acrylics as they best suit my practice of adding and removing layers of paint and are quick drying, very important as I am an instinctive and impatient painter. My latest project explores ideas of Absurdism and builds on my previous themes of chaos and conflicting emotional states."



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